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gameXcuter 1.0.42

file size: 6.46 MB

3 different ways to display the games: Simple, Advanced and Combined -----------------------------------

The simple view displays only a icon or the box-art of the game, no extra options are available, this is the fastest view.

Published by:
XP / Vista

The icons will be organized in columns and rows. Icons are displayed with a nice reflection to please the eye!

The advanced view displays the most game information of the game. You can see all of the information of all your games in this view. Links to extra websites can be started. Trainers can be loaded if you have setup the game correctly in on the game settings page. Ratings per game can be found on this page. The games are organized in rows. Clicking on the box-art or icon will let you go to the publishers site of the game!

The combined view is the best of the two other views. You will have the simple view for selecting a game and an advanced view in the bottom for a more detailed view of the game you have selected. All of the features of both views can be found here. So you can also quickly go to the games settings page using the icons in the advanced view.

Easy setup of games. ---------------------------- Use the game settings page to quickly edit any of the settings of the game. Drag a box-art from your Internet browser on the picture-box to automatically download and set the picture. Easy browsing to your game, trainer and unlimited space for extra links to walkthroughs and cheats.

Customize the application to your needs. Settings like sorting, paths, start minimized, auto-hide and more are available to you at any time.

Other Features ----------------------- >Saving and auto saving of your game-lists. >Auto check if games are installed or not >Runs at Windows startup. >Special minimized version of the application (Bar function) and a special auto-hide feature. >Trashcan function, no more deleting your game and setting up that game again when needed, just get it out of the trashcan and you are good to go!