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ID3 Editor 1.15.12

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ID3 Editor is a simple MP3 tag editor, which offers the ability to edit the most useful parts of the ID3 tags in one simple window.

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10.2 / 10.3 / 10.4 / 10.5 / 10.6 / OS X

Although iTunes offers a good interface for editing tags, it does have a few missing parts, which is where ID3 Editor helps out.

MP3 ID3 tags are used to store track information such as title, artist and other information, this information can then be displayed in your favourite MP3 player application, iPod, Walkman or music hardware.

If you are a keen podcaster then using ID3 Editor to clean MP3's before deployment is a must. You can also add a copyright, URL and encode by to ensure your audience knows where the track originated from.

Adding artwork such as an album cover or artist image to your MP3 tracks is as simple as dropping the image in the image drawer.

For those of us who like to have a sing-a-long with our favourite song, adding lyrics to a track is a wondeful option. Adding lyrics to a track is as simple as pasting the text or just dropping a text file into the drawer.

When editing tracks as a group (such as a whole album), you can change information in multiple tracks at once, this saves the need to open the tracks individually and copy and paste the information. If the information is the same in each of the tracks, such as the artist or album, it is displayed in the editor. Information that is different is left empty. Each of the fields is only updated when its corrisponding check box is ticked, so that only the information you want changed is updated.