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MediaWrapper 31.2

file size: 1.41 MB

This program offers a WYSIWYG interface for creating wrappers, in addition to font control.

Published by:
Trial Period:
30 Days
Classic / OS X

Font control lets you specify how the folders and files will appear on your wrapper. You can control font, size, color and style for the disk name, date, free space, folders, sub-folders and files. You can also set up filters for creator, file type and file name. These allow you to change the font, color and style for those items.

You can turn logos on and off; this also applies to the date and space free fields. Double-sided layouts are supported.


MediaWrapper is a pay-what-it's-worth-to-you product. In order to get the full version after the 30-day trial, you simply pay a registration fee for what you think the program is worth to you.