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Bluto 7

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Bluto 7 is the browser for smart people!

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7 / XP / Vista

Okay, you're not a dummy and loathe those popular yellow books that cater to them. (If you were, you wouldn't be searching for a better browser, now would you? And here you are). Here's your solution...Bluto 7, the browser for smart people! Everything is only one click away. Let me explain. How many thousands of times have you gotten a pop-up asking, "Are you sure you want to...?" I hate them too. So rather than play it safe and ask you the same question countless times, that nuisance has been eliminated. If you make a mistake, too bad. You'll learn pretty quickly how to do things properly, thus avoiding countless pop-up questions that insult your intelligence, (and also slow your surfing down). Want to save or replace a bookmark? Right-click on the bookmark panel to add/replace one. Made a mistake? Tough toodles. Now you won't do that again and your surfing time has increased by the lack of a warning message. This kind of logic is employed throughout Bluto 7 because you are not a dummy. Read this and you will catch on quickly. The tool tips are always there to help and never slow you down. The Tip of the Moment helps as well.

Our logic, implemented:

When you paste text, we know you're planning on hitting Enter to get there, so we took care of that.

No one reads web addresses with 4,800 characters, so we shortened the address bars to allow for more bookmarks.

We are all paranoid, hence we do not save your surfing history on exit.

There are no tabs (that's what the taskbar is for - multiple minimized windows).

Tool tips give you tips; hence the name, without taking up valuable space. Only icons are needed. We know you can read when the tips appear.

Everything is one-click because you're in a hurry, just like us.

There are no skins or add-ins because you are surfing the web to get information quickly, not expressing your creative inner child.