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Child Growth Charts 1.0

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Child Growth Charts will allow you to track your childs growth from 0 - 36 months.


You'll be able to see how they compare to the rest of the population with their position and history clearly shown on a standard CDC child growth chart. This version enables you to see where they stand in regards to head cicumference, height and weight for their age. Child Growth Charts ensures you always know how you child is progressing and provides a record you can take to your doctor for your child's regular checkup. Child Growth Charts uses the Official CDC charts and percentile data when determining where your child sits. Your child's stats are super imposed directly onto the three CDC charts for comparison. Child Growth Charts also offers metric and imperial units with conversion support. Child Growth Charts provides charts for weight, height and head circumference which are all the major references used to check a childs progress. Child Growth Charts allows you to keep records for multiple children. Child Growth Charts supports using the trackpad with pinch/zoom control of charts so you can see exactly where your child is placed.