Editorial Feature - Email Basics and Spam
Read part one of a three-part editorial series on email and SPAM. What is email? What is SPAM? and how can you deal with it effectively.
Added 2007-11-27
Zaep AntiSpam
A little more than a year and a half ago (January 2004), I was looking for a new product to develop. I had a few basic requirements: it had to be useful to me, it had to be useful to customers, and it had to be easy to use and configure. At the time I was struggling with the amount of email messages I was receiving. It seemed like I spent 4 hours a day just looking at email. When I stepped back and looked at what I was really doing, I was spending almost all of that time sifting through the 200+ spam messages I was getting each day.
Added 2007-07-10